Tailored Tonics

High-Quality Herbal Medicine Made Just For You

Been thinking about

trying herbal medicine?

Herbal tinctures and fluid extracts are one of the best-kept secrets of the natural medicine realm. Now you can access high quality, professional herbal tonics right when you need them.

Favoured by herbalists throughout the ages, tailored liquid herbal formulas are the most potent, best absorbed and powerfully effective form of herbal medicine. And best of all? I can tailor the formula and dosage to meet your exact needs, putting in only what you really need, and leaving out anything that isn't right for you.

Herbal medicines can help you with:

  • Acne, eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome, post-viral syndrome

  • Hormonal imbalances, PMS, heavy/irregular/absent periods

  • Gut health and detoxification

  • Cognitive function, improving memory, learning and mood

  • Sleep onset, maintenance and quality

  • Increasing energy levels and supporting athletic performance

  • Supporting immunity to prevent bacterial and viral infections

  • Plus so much more - there are herbal medicines for almost anything you can think of. Mama Nature has it covered.


Your herbal tonic options:

2 week herbal tonic (210ml) $60 + $12 postage

5 week herbal tonic (525ml) $120 + $15 postage

*Postage price may vary if you live outside Australia.*

When you buy your herbal tonic you will receive a 15 minute phone or Zoom consultation with me, to discuss your health needs, goals and any medications, allergies and health conditions I need to know to ensure you receive the right formula for you. I'll then let you know which herbs are best for you and why.


After your phone call, your herbal formula will be promptly formulated, lovingly wrapped and sent express so you can begin nurturing your body's needs as soon as possible, with the highest quality natural medicine available.



For a limited time, you will receive a 25ml bespoke flower essence when you buy a tailored herbal tonic! Flower essences help to shift and rebalance the energetic and emotional aspects of wellbeing. Combined with your tailored herbal tonic, you will be rebalancing your body, mind and soul and on your way to feeling amazing.

To truly heal a longterm chronic health issue, it is recommended you go through the full naturopathic process which allows me to take into account all the factors in your life, and address your needs with diet and lifestyle changes, nutritional supplements, herbs, flowers, testing and referrals as required. Having said that, sometimes you know you just want herbs to support you through your current needs and it's vital you can access the best quality herbs from a highly trained professional naturopath, rather than trying to find the best pre-formulated tablet or capsule in a retail setting.