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Sunshine Coast Eco Makeup Artist

If you're looking for natural glamour created with only the most luxurious, aligned products that will make you feel like the goddess you are, I'm here to serve you. With 12 years in the industry and my resulting expertise in carefully selecting the very best natural, cruelty free and eco friendly products, I am passionate about delivering not only a beautiful look that enhances your natural beauty, but also a calming presence and clear communication every step of the way.

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Eco Makeup Artistry: Testimonials
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Ella Harrington

Amy is such an incredibly talented makeup artist and professional business woman. It was such a joy to have her do makeup for myself, my bridesmaids, my mum and my mother in law for my wedding. She listened carefully to what I asked for and her attention to detail was exceptional - her makeup even withstood my many tears throughout the day and night! Amy was so flexible in accommodating my trial and changes in the lead up to the day which helped make my wedding stress-free. It was lovely having her with us to get ready on the big day. I would highly recommend Amy for anybody looking for a makeup artist for a wedding or any special occasion. Thanks Amy!

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All about eco makeup services

Eco Makeup Artistry: FAQ

What is the booking process?

Due to the individualised nature of each makeup booking, all bookings begin by emailing me at (Please do not message me via social media for bookings as they may be missed or hidden by the apps.) For bridal parties or groups, I ask for a $100 non-refundable booking fee to secure the date, which comes off the total cost of makeup. If it's a bridal booking, I'll call you to chat through the details before booking it in.

How much?

Makeup artistry costs $160 per face.
1:1 Makeup Lessons are $220 each.

Travel is included for most areas of Sunshine Coast.
Travel fees apply to areas more than 100km drive from my home in Montville. Distances further than this will incur a $50 fee + $0.75/km over the 100km.

False lashes (optional) and small lip touch up kits are included for all makeups with no additional charges.

How long does makeup take?

I allow 1 hour per makeup application (1 hour and 15 minutes for a bride), and for weddings I recommend finishing all makeups 1 hour before the ceremony. For group bookings I add on 15 minutes at the start for setting up and at the end for touch ups.
Makeup lessons take 2 hours.


What style of makeup do you do?

I love being creative and experimenting with different styles, however my most-requested look is a natural style that enhances your best features and makes you look healthy and glowing - without necessarily drawing attention to the makeup itself. I do love a smokey eye with a glamorous false lash when given the opportunity, and if you're getting married in the forest, you know I want to reach for some plummy or chocolatey tones to complement the lush setting. I find that the makeup clients most often drawn to me are nature-loving, animal-adoring, down-to-earth souls and I believe this is why we more often go for dewy, bronzed skin, bright eyes and natural colours, especially for bridal events where you do not want a transformation, but simply want to look like the most flawless version of yourself. 

What brands do you use?

I use a wide range of clean makeup brands but all are natural, cruelty free and eco friendly. Some of the brands in my kit: Gressa Skin, Inika Organic, Lily Lolo, RMS Beauty, Bite Beauty, Red Apple, True Glue, Model Rock, Ere Perez, Nudus, Karen Murrell, Adorn Mineral Cosmetics, Scout Cosmetics, Ilia, Clove + Hallow, Glo Tatts, Alima Pure, Eye of Horus, 100% Pure and Eco Beauty Tools.

What is eco makeup?

Simply, makeup artistry that is as kind as possible to our beautiful planet. Everything that goes onto your skin will eventually wash down the drain and into the waterways. My products contain only naturally occurring and non-toxic ingredients. I use bamboo handled disposable mascara wands and cotton buds instead of plastic ones. I use Ever Eco washable cotton rounds instead of disposable cotton pads. Many of the mineral makeup brands I use offer refill programs to save on replacing the containers. I also use biodegradable glitters instead of plastic glitter.

Will my makeup last?

Yes, your makeup should last all day and night until it's time to wash it off. The only thing that may need a touch up after I leave you is your lip colour which I will give you a small scraping of with a little brush, should you need it after eating. If you have very oily skin or you cry, you can blot gently with a tissue which will remove the oil or tears without affecting the makeup. If you're anxious about longevity, I highly recommend a trial to put your mind at ease. (Also take a peek at my client reviews.)

Do I need a trial?

It's totally up to you! About 50% of my brides have a trial while the others don't. A trial is recommended if you have very sensitive skin, if you're freaked out about having makeup on or if you are worried it won't last. In most cases, the main purpose of the trial is to put your mind at ease with trusting me and the products. If you don't have a trial, we just communicate very clearly before the day and I will consult with you on the day also.

What happens in a makeup trial?

A trial is a great chance to meet and connect before your event so you feel comfortable with me. I ask you to provide at least one picture of a makeup idea you want to try and I will aim to create your vision. The trial takes 90 minutes to allow extra time for trying various alterations to the look, as well as discussing all the details of your event. If you change your mind about the look after the trial - it's all good! Having a reference point and trying something often makes it easier to realise what you do and don't want.

What if I cancel?

If you cancel your group or bridal party booking, your $100 booking fee will not be refunded but any additional payments will be returned. Cancellations will always be considered reasonably of course.

Where do you travel to?

I am based in the beautiful Sunshine Coast and travel mobile throughout the region with no travel charge within a 1 hour drive from my base. I may be able to travel further to Brisbane, Gold Coast or other nearby areas for an additional fee.

Does natural makeup perform?

Yes! I only use the highest quality products. Like anything, some brands and products are better than others. For the most part, natural makeup has advanced a lot in the past 10 years. You can have long lasting, full coverage, bright coloured, lightweight, flawless finish makeup that is completely natural.

Are you a vegan makeup artist?

Most of my kit is composed of vegan makeup, however in the name of accuracy, no I'm not. If you are vegan please let me know ahead of time so I can leave certain products out of my kit. I use false lashes made of human hair, some brushes I've had for a long time are animal hair and several products contain beeswax or carmine. I am always learning more and aiming to be as ethical as I possibly can, and welcome any new information and feedback that can help me be better.

Why is natural makeup important?

Aside from influencing our skin itself, many of the ingredients we put on our skin are absorbed into the bloodstream and have the ability to affect our health in complex ways. Carcinogens, neurotoxins and endocrine disrupting chemicals are commonly found in cosmetic products and are poorly regulated. Cumulative effects include skin sensitivity, cancer, hormonal imbalances and other consequences of a high toxic load. Natural products are generally safer and act like skincare instead of irritating your skin, and are also safer for the waterways they eventually end up in.

How can I prepare my skin for my event?

Clear, smooth skin will absolutely help your makeup to glide on and sit beautifully. I highly recommend booking a naturopathic appointment with me to create a holistic skin health plan just for you (which may involve treating the gut, hormones and more to really heal it from the depths) well before the event. The week before, make sure to drink 2L water every day, avoid sunburn and get as much beauty sleep as you can. Avoid using new skincare products in the week before just in case of a reaction. You can also follow my Instagram page @the_skin_naturopath where I regularly post lots of natural skin health tips.

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