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Dandy Detox

A 6 week journey to glowy skin, cognitive clarity and vital energy.

You try to look after your skin but it's still inflamed and seems to be reacting to everything all of a sudden. Your digestion can't make up its mind and your monthly cycle is increasingly unenjoyable. Your joints ache, your head hurts, you're kinda grumpy and you just don't have that zest for life anymore. Your weight loss has plateaued and worse, seems to be going backwards. And you're just so tired all. the. time. What gives?!

If this sounds like you, I want you to know you're not alone - and you're not necessarily doing it all wrong. You're just missing a key piece of the healing puzzle. But you CAN heal your body, with support and ease. You don't have to compromise on having a great lifestyle. And you don't have to figure it all out yourself.


I'm Amy Sumner, and I'm a naturopath and eco makeup artist. Lately it's really stood out to me that toxicity is a major problem for almost every one of my clients. I also know that for me personally, I need a little annual detox to keep myself feeling radiant and ready for anything.

And let's be real, shit's getting c-rrrazy out there. Whether you just drank a bit too much wine in lockdown, you've been re-inhaling your own exhaled toxins from a soggy mask all year (beautiful), working with hectic chemicals every day or you straight up think the government's trying to kill you (honestly, same) - you, my friend, know you've gotta detox!

You see, although our bodies are absolutely incredible and intelligent, the world we live in imparts such a high toxic burden that sometimes a bit of liver lovin' and kidney kindness is required to just catch up on the backlog of toxins our body is trying to process. I think of it like the stack of papers that builds up on my desk over time - at some point, I have to dedicate my focus towards clearing that excess to get back in my easeful work flow.

But aren't our bodies detoxing all the time?! Yesss they sure are! And look, if we lived in the forest and only drank springwater and ate real food from the earth, and the industrial revolution never happened, our detox pathways would probably cope fine! (A parasite cleanse probably wouldn't go astray though.)​

I pride myself on living a healthy lifestyle but even with all my efforts, I am exposed to heavy metals, pesticides, car fumes and other toxins at a level that is so much more than what our natural bodies are designed to deal with. When we get overloaded with toxins from our occupational exposure, toxic beauty products, cleaning chemicals, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, water supply and all the other things we inhale, ingest and absorb - the result can be exhaustion, digestive disorders, skin breakouts, brain fog, aches and pains, sensitive skin, allergic symptoms, headaches, hormonal disturbances and more. 


There is some good news though.

Every time I have undergone a detox, or guided a client through one, the results are always big steps towards:







Some beauties even drop significant weight and resolve other chronic conditions in the process.​

So, allow me to introduce you to the DANDY DETOX.

A 6 week guided naturopathic detox program delivered live online, to get you feeling dandy and delightful so you can live life to the fullest.


In a macadamia nutshell - it’s about how to optimise your health through freeing yourself of your toxic burden.

  • Naturopathic program and expert guidance

  • Included herbal and nutritional products to accelerate your detox results

  • Pro advice and tips on all the best natural, tox-free beauty + lifestyle products

  • In-depth trainings on gut health, liver function, skin healing + more 

  • Plus a whole bunch of inspiring bonus tips on things you didn’t even know you needed to know!

I ran this program last Spring, but this round is a STEP UP, my friend. The onslaught of heavy metals, EMFs and too much time inside combined with the STRESS everyone is experiencing right now calls for a more comprehensive approach. The program is similar to the last one but turbo-charged, with 6 targeted products to cover all the things!

So those big goals you need to hit? The adventures you want to have and the dreams you want to fulfil?

You'll finally have more energy and focus to be able to do what you're really here for!

Your Detox Program:

2 x 30 minute1:1 consults with me

Structured diet & lifestyle program for the 6 weeks

6 powerful naturopathic products included:

Detox herbal tincture (liquid) blend and detox herbal tea blend, magnesium powder (to make magnesium bicarbonate), parasite/gut cleanse, probiotic and a kickass heavy metal cleansing zeolite (TRS)

Weekly 1 hour trainings covering holistic naturopathic detox topics

Weekly group coaching calls

Worksheets + class notes for each training to support you through your detox

Daily check-ins and practical tips and tricks from me

Online group support to keep you motivated (+ I'll be doing the program along with you!)

Here’s what we’re going to cover in our 6 weeks together! Settle in, it’s going to be magic.



We'd love to hear from you

Week 4:

– Clean Living + Tox-Free Body Care –


Healthy home, car and garden

Clearing mould + dust mites

Plants for air purification

Healing chemical sensitivities

The best natural, cruelty free, eco friendly beauty products (cos I'm also a pro Eco makeup artist) 

DIY Beauty recipes using healing herbs and foods

Eco friendly, tox-free food storage + household items

Decluttering, feng shui and all the cleansing magic

Week 5:

- Mineral Balancing + Heavy Metal Detox -


Assessing heavy metal levels in the body

Safely chelating and eliminating heavy metals

Zeolite and how it targets heavy metals while leaving the good minerals alone

Understanding relationships between different metals in the body

Optimising mineral ratios in the body

Week 6:

- Tox-Free for Life -



Transitioning off the detox into more relaxed eating

Healthy habits + routines for ongoing detox support and low tox living

Goals check-in

(You'll also have you second 1:1 consult with me to ensure you are all set going forward)

Week 1:

– Getting started with your detox –


Welcome/Program intro/detox basics

Assessing your toxic burden

Goal setting

Testing + tailoring your program

Training on how the program works and exactly what to do

Food as medicine

(You'll also have your first 1:1 sesh this week to set up the program for your specific needs)

Week 2:

– Gut Health –


Why gut health is central to detox

Parasite + pathogen cleansing

Probiotics + prebiotics 

Gut healing foods, herbs and supplements 

Healing and optimising your digestion

Getting the most nutrition out of your foods

Week 3:

– Liver Lovin' + Sparkling Skin –


Herbs + supplements for liver function

How liver detox works and how to optimise it 

Foods for liver health and skin clarity

The connections between the gut, liver and skin

Herbs + supplements for clear skin

Blood cleansing + lymphatic support for detox

We create our state of health often by default, or based on what we think is true about health,
or what is convenient.

This program is all about how to optimise and reset your health,

It will take effort, you’ll need to learn some things, action those things, ask questions and be open-minded and committed but… you CAN do this!*




Can I do a detox? *

This program is suitable for most adults, though there are some exceptions.

Detoxing is not suitable during pregnancy, so also not suitable while actively trying to fall pregnant, as mobilising the toxins from your cells can expose the baby to harmful substances. It is however, great for fertility and preparing your body in advance for a healthy pregnancy, so if you're wanting to have a baby soon, I would recommend committing this time to detoxing so your body is in the best condition possible before falling pregnant.

This program may not be suitable for some people with advanced conditions or certain medications. Email if you're unsure whether you can detox right now.

If you've recently taken a Covid 'vaccine', I will ask you to sign a waiver acknowledging that we unfortunately don't know what the heck it's doing to your body or how that might interact with any products. But theoretically, a detox seems like a good idea and I always endeavour to honour my commitment to first, do no harm so will work on the best evidence available to me. Curiously enough, dandelion is one of the herbs showing promise in preventing spike proteins adhering to ACE2 receptors, so I have already included the relevant herbs in the program for this purpose.​

How do I know this program is suitable for me?

All participants will have a 1:1 naturopathic consultation at the beginning of the program. The purpose of this is to assess your suitability for undergoing detox, to check any medications and medical conditions or allergies, ensure the included products are suitable and communicate your specific health goals. If you are found to be unsuitable for the program you will of course receive a full refund. Or, just email me now on if you have any questions.

What if I'm taking medications or natural supplements?

Most of us are! In most cases, you can still undergo detox but we may just need to tweak the herbal formula to make sure you aren't clearing your medication too quickly. During your 1:1 consult we will discuss any cautions around medications you need to take, and how to best use the supplements you already have to get the most benefit from the next 6 weeks.

Will I still get to eat real food?

Yes - the realest! This is a 6 week program and you can still eat regular meals throughout. This is not an extreme diet. There will be certain foods you'll need to cut out, but you'll be replacing them with healthier ones.

I'm vegan, can I do this program?

Absolutely! This detox can be adjusted to suit your specific dietary needs. Spoiler alert, the entire program is also gluten free.​

So, what's my investment?



2 x 30 minute 1:1 consults (valued at $130)

12 hours+ of trainings and group coaching (valued at $1200+)

6 powerful naturopathic products posted to you (valued at approx $600 RRP)

6 week diet and lifestyle program

Worksheets, class notes and daily support


You pay $850.

Or 4 X $250 if you choose the payment plan option.

6 weeks until you go from…

Exhausted to ENERGETIC. Foggy to FIRED UP. Confused to CLEAR. Sluggish to SPARKLING. Dull to DANDY!

We start on Monday,10th January, 2022.
  • Log in to a secure learning platform for your structured lessons and resources

  • Live group chats via Zoom, and community support and interaction throughout the program

  • Downloadable naturopathic detox plan + training notes + worksheets

  • Ongoing Q + A support throughout the program

  • Supportive, motivating group vibes

  • Epic detox products (the BEST of the best - including herbal blends formulated and hand mixed by ME)

I highly recommend signing up asap so you can receive your products in time to start on the 10th January. If we allow for Australia Post's current average delivery time + potential silly season delays, I calculate that it's best for you to sign up today and get those products moving!

Are you ready for it? Let's start 2022 revitalised and with a clean slate.


By the end of the 6 weeks, you'll have a body that is refreshed and ready to support you in living your real purpose, along with powerful knowledge to help you nurture your body and prevent chronic illness into the future. A body that can move faster, think sharper, glow brighter and support your sparkling soul.  See you in there!

-Amy x

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We start on January 10th, 2022. Everyone deserves to enjoy a cocktail in the holiday season of 2021. Enjoy the silly season, beauty.
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