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Morning sunlight streams into your room. Rolling out of bed and padding over to the mirror, you hesitantly take a peek, half squinting your eyes shut. Wait - with a sharp intake of breath your eyes widen, staring at the smooth skin reflected back at you. Your hand runs over your chin and up to your cheeks yet finds no bumps, no painful pimples... and that incessant tingling under your skin has vanished along with the last traces of sleep. Twisting your body, you peer over your shoulder to see a perfectly ordinary clear-skinned back. Today you look just like everyone else. Today you feel worthy and beautiful. Suddenly your heart feels light, and a jubilance grows within you as you anticipate the day ahead, the people you are excited to see, and the event you feel so ready for now.

A world of opportunities is opening up...

If the above vision seems out of reach, hear me out.

Having acne sucks. Like that blind pimple pressing tightly at the surface and threatening to break through, it can create a constant pressure that slowly wears away at you on the inside - though others may be blind to the true depth of your pain. I know you've already tried slathers of skincare products, and maybe even invested in expensive salon treatments. You've tried the advice from your family, your friends, your never-ending research and maybe even from beauty editors and influencers.

Surely you can figure this out.

How's that all going for you?

Look, I know how hard you're actually trying. I'm not here to have a go at you, and you sure don't need to beat yourself up over your skin! (Anyway, I'm guessing your peers have taken care of that for you right - the casual yet cutting remarks, the unsolicited advice, the prying, pitiful stares.) Yet despite your constant efforts, there's hardly any pay off... and sometimes the things that are supposed to help, only make matters worse. It's frustrating, disappointing and emotionally exhausting to keep trying and failing to heal your acne. But it's really not your fault.

The truth is, skin health is complicated AF.

Did you know there are 8 key body systems involved in creating acne, so everyone's acne causes are a little bit different? And most treatments only target one of them so you never fully heal? And what's triggering your acne can change over time? Most health and beauty professionals don't even know this stuff. By the time you figure out what is actually going on, you may have endured a lot of unnecessary suffering.

And it costs a lot to go on this way.

I know you hold yourself back and keep your ideas to yourself. It's in your body language; the way you avoid eye contact (as if that would prevent them from seeing you), the way your head hangs down a tiny bit and your shoulders curl just a touch in your attempt at invisibility. You shift a little when he's going to caress your face, wondering if you're worthy of love and wishing your skin was absolutely ordinary; smooth and simple instead of an oily mess of blackheads, blotches and blemishes. You stay out of the limelight, you avoid speaking up and you let opportunities slip through your fingers like sand...


Your skin is actually getting in the way of you just living your life.


Being yourself. Laughing louder. Putting your ideas out there.

Feeling untamed joy and truly loving your beautiful self.

Yep, I said it - you are beautiful.

And you are worthy of the world.

But we have some work to do to make sure you believe it.

You've been praying for answers - maybe you didn't quite realise how many answers there are - but they're all wrapped up in Clear Course. Over 8 weeks, we will demystify the secrets of clear skin. Your customised herbal tonic and targeted nutrient supplement will work away on regenerating your skin cells while you learn all about the different causes of acne and how to prevent and treat them, naturally. You'll also be following a nourishing, skin-clearing food plan throughout.

Are you ready for it?

Glowing, clear, smooth skin. Oh, it's what dreams are made of. That dewy complexion with the plumped pores and a bright, even tone, not a bump in sight... it's almost too magical to wish for.


At this very moment, you are being pointed to a clear path for healing your acne, one that takes in all the complex factors contributing to your skin woes. To make this work, you know you need not only the right remedies, but you also need to be crystal clear on what happened to your skin, how to correct it and how to prevent it in the future.

How would it feel to:

  • wake up with clear skin every day

  • I repeat, wake up with clear skin every. day.

  • like, forget about your skin and not really think about it anymore

  • and think about other stuff and put your energy towards your actual dreams!

  • know exactly why you have a pimple if you do get the occasional breakout

  • feel empowered to remedy your breakouts naturally, as they happen

  • be confident going makeup-free

  • focus on accentuating your beauty instead of covering up your perceived flaws

  • wear whatever you want without worrying if your shoulders are breaking out

  • be able to go about your day without enduring cruel comments on your skin

  • be totally ok with receiving attention and eye contact

  • enjoy having your photo taken and just focus on the fun

  • know you're totally gorgeous and worthy

  • live without that tingly, tight feeling under your skin

  • stop experiencing sharp pain every time you bump your blemishes - ouch!

  • ditch that exhausting self-consciousness and step into your radiant power

Life is for living! And you have so much to offer this world when you can finally stop sending so much energy, time, money and emotion towards your skin. ​

the skin naturopath
Why me?

I'm Amy Sumner, The Skin Naturopath. It may not surprise you to know that my mission to save you the skin struggle is a little personal. Oh yes, I knew acne. For over a decade we were together every minute of every day - though of course, I tried desperately to banish acne from my life. She was dragging me down and ruining everything. It took many years for me to learn the skin wisdom I have now, and I didn't learn most of it until I studied my Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy, learning all about herbal medicines, nutrients, pathophysiology and other magick. I came to find the skin is inextricably intertwined with so many other health conditions and imbalances, and forgave myself for not knowing how to heal my acne during all those painful years past.

 I graduated with my Bachelor of Health Science in 2013, and today I help my clients understand and heal their skin conditions and rebalance their overall health with a holistic, personalised approach. 

Along my journey, I also trained as a makeup artist (and now do professional eco makeup artistry for weddings and events) and worked in spas and pharmacies. Drawing on my eclectic combination of experiences helps me to deeply understand skin, health, beauty and the industry of it all from a range of angles.

When I created this course, I connected with my younger self and wondered, what did she need? What knowledge and guidance could have saved me all that time, energy and heartache? Those years of not being myself?

Not seeing myself, or allowing myself to be seen.

You don't have to do your time.

Acne can feel like an anchor tangled round your ankles, tethering you to the riverbed. Desperately struggling on (what other choice is there?) you wish for someone to pull you out and give you a rest from this. The judgements, assumptions and cruel comments are stones that gradually chip away at your spirit, when you're already in distress. Waking up to yet another breakout can bring you to tears, head underwater in the rapids, gasping for air and wondering when this will end. It is utterly exhausting. The confusion and frustration of trying to find your way out is overwhelming and spirals into hopelessness. After a time, you're so used to your soul hurting that you barely recognise how abnormal that really is.


Living with acne is miserable.

You don't have to have acne - whether you're a teenager or an adult. You don't have to wait to grow out of it, or just put up with it - despite what you've been told. It's common yes, but not normal, and it can be fixed.​​


You're a strong person. I know, because you keep showing up and facing the world day after day, even though it has felt so hard many times. Deep down in your soul, you've always believed you would clear your skin one day.

You just haven't been told how.

Until now.

It's time for me to come clean and spill all those juicy skin secrets I've gathered over the years.

Welcome to Clear Course

Come on this 8 week healing journey to receive:

2 x mini 1:1 naturopathic consults to determine your specific acne triggers and customise your program

Tailored herbal tonic with powerful ingredients to heal your skin at the root cause

Nutritional supplement targeted for acne healing

Acne clearing food plan

8 x weekly trainings on the deep causes of acne and how to treat them

8 x weekly group coaching calls

Class notes and resources so you'll always have a skin healing map on your path forward

Supportive online group setting with other acne warriors

Access to me for questions and guidance throughout

Apothecary access to order additional high quality herbs and supplements if needed as you learn more (approved by me)

+ BONUS Skincare lesson with professional skin therapist, Natalie LeFevre

+ BONUS Eco Makeup training session (my other area of expertise!)

+ BONUS Group Hypnotherapy session to rewire deep-held beliefs around beauty and self worth


Healing Wisdom Covered in Clear Course:​

Week 1 Skinfo + all about Acne

As we set off, it's important to understand the structure and function of your largest organ. I'll be teaching you about the 5 underlying mechanisms of acne development in the skin and how to recognise them in your unique condition, as well as how the skin works and the signs our skin gives us about underlying health concerns.

Week 2 Gut health

All health starts in the gut. This is where your nutrients are broken down and absorbed! We'll be talking about how to optimise digestive function, how probiotics influence the skin microbiome and how food intolerances, leaky gut syndrome, candida overgrowth and other digestive disturbances could be playing a role - even if you don't have noticeable gut symptoms.

Week 3 Skincare + Lymph clearing

This week we are covering all things topical - skincare, makeup and manual treatments. You'll learn about daily skincare, at home facials and natural spot remedies, as well as how to examine product ingredients to assess products for yourself. This week also covers the lymphatic system, which has an essential role in cleansing the blood and preventing breakouts. Learn about facial massage, depurative herbs and other lymph clearing remedies.

Week 4 nourishing the skin

Gain a deeper understanding of which nutrients play key roles in skin health and acne healing, as well as exploring the endless ocean of skin healing foods, and using food as medicine to clear the skin.

Week 5 sweet skin

Did you know imbalanced blood sugar levels are a major, common contributor to chronic acne? We'll be discussing how to identify blood sugar dysfunction and of course, how to remedy it naturally.

Week 6 sexy skin

If your hormones are out of balance, it's possible to actually rebalance them so that your skin improves for good. The side effects of this week include watching symptoms of period pain, breast tenderness, irritability and other abnormal (though, common) hormonal symptoms fade into the distance.

Week 7 happy skin

Stress is not your skin's bestie, and we all know the importance of beauty sleep. Learn how to manage or minimise the impact of stress naturally, and also how to perfect the art of quality sleep. This week, we will also take a deep dive into the mental, emotional and energetic aspects of acne.

Week 8 clearing out toxicity

Liver function often plays a key role in acne development, so we'll be looking at how to identify a high toxic burden or poor liver function, as well as how to optimise your detoxification capacity and how that translates to pure skin.

You will be taking herbs and nutrients as well as eating a clear skin diet throughout the course. In each training we'll explore how each body system is intricately intertwined with skin health. You'll discover herbs, nutritional supplements and other magick to take real-world action on healing your underlying causes of acne. By the end of the course, you'll have clearer skin as well as clarity on how the skin works and how to take care of it into the future.

If you're ready to shed your old skin and reveal a glowy, healthy, balanced complexion, the choice is clear.

Your Investment:

4 x monthly payments of $300

OR $1111 upfront

I know it's an investment. It absolutely is. And you've already invested a lot in...

  • Endless skincare products

  • Trying to find makeup that covers the blemishes without breaking you out

  • Facials, dermaplaning, dermabrasion or laser treatments

  • Doctors, dermatologists, naturopaths, acupuncture

  • Pharmaceuticals, supplements

  • Counsellors, antidepressants adds up pretty quick, right?

And after all that, did you even know about these 8 pillars?

Has anyone taken the time to teach you why you have acne in the first place?

And what was the other cost of spending all that time on things that didn't clear your skin or maybe even caused you harm?

  • Scarring from constant pimples

  • Nutritional deficiencies from ongoing skin healing

  • Hating on your reflection every time you pass a mirror

  • Side effects from harsh medications

  • Enduring rejections and bullying

  • Emotional and mental pain

  • Not showing up in your relationships fully

  • Hesitating on your dreams and goals

  • Hours of researching

  • Years of struggling with self worth

  • Years of feeling not like your best self

  • Dimming yourself down and avoiding attention

  • Missing out on opportunities and promotions

  • Packing on makeup every time you leave the house

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Fear of how long it will take to resolve this

I created Clear Course to guide you through your skin healing journey in the most comprehensive and holistic way possible. There are no quick fixes, but this path is absolutely your secret shortcut

On completing Clear Course, you will have clearer skin, improved self confidence, and an unshakeable clarity around how acne is created and healed from the depths. In the future, if a pimple hints at popping up, you'll be able to navigate why, and what to do to get back on track. You will learn so much about your body as a whole, how your skin works and how you truly have so much power over your skin health.

How much is your life going to change by choosing to do this one magical thing for you?

By some exquisite happenstance, you've landed right here, right at this moment.

This program was created just for you.

I'm ready to serve you and guide you through this in a way no one else can.

The choice is clear. 

Why 8 weeks?


On average, it takes 28 days for the outer layer of the skin to completely turn over. So we need time to not only get your nutrient status, hormone levels and overall health optimised, but also for those now perfectly formed baby skin cells to make their way to the surface.

I have dietary issues, is this for me?

Absolutely! The dietary plan will be mostly the same for everyone however at your first consult, I'll take into account allergies, dietary needs and values and adjust your diet plan to be right for you! You can do this course whether you're vegan, vegetarian, coeliac or have other dietary requirements.

I don't have acne but my child does. Can I do the course?

Yes! If you are a parent of a child with acne, I would love you to join this program with your child so you can learn all about acne while their skin heals. The herbal formula is tailored to each individual, and though I often use tinctures (alcohol extracts), I also make glycetract tonics for children and others who can't tolerate alcohol. For kids under 16, I recommend the parent and child attend the online trainings together for best results. Teens 16+ can attend the online program alone with parental approval.

I take prescription medications. Is Clear Course suitable?

Absolutely. While I have endeavoured to create a program that will work for everyone, I knew it would be essential to incorporate the 1:1 naturopathic consults at the start and finish of the program so I can go over medications, diagnosed health conditions and other key safety aspects that ensure I can tailor your treatment protocol just to you, while still taking part in the group course. As a degree-qualified naturopath, I am highly trained in integrative pharmacology, and understand the interactions between pharmaceuticals, herbs and nutrients.

What about skincare?

I know that you most likely already have skincare products, so I felt it wouldn't make sense to include topicals for everyone. We will be covering topicals and skincare early on, with expert guidance from a skin therapist. From there, you can make a decision on ordering new skincare if needed. From my experience, skincare is important, though secondary to the internal aspects of skin conditions, as skin cells are created from within.

What if I miss the live sessions?

No problem! Some of the content is delivered live so you have the opportunity to interact in real time, however you can always watch the recordings and ask questions afterward when it works best for you. It is ideal to stay on schedule with the trainings for the ultimate group support experience and to keep you on track with your healing, however the trainings and resources will be available for you to catch up when you're ready.

Every decision in life is a choice between love or fear. Which will you choose for yourself today?

acne program

BONUS Skincare Lesson

with Expert Skin Therapist, Natalie LeFevre

Natalie is an expert in healing the skin from the outside in, and brings her gentle energy and wealth of professional knowledge, to make sure you are getting your topicals just right. Nat will be guiding you through some of the professional in-salon treatment options for acne and answering all your questions about needling, dermablading and other topical skin therapies. Nat takes a holistic approach to skincare and has a focus on topical antioxidants, while also encouraging her clients to nourish their skin from within. She'll be helping you understand how to choose a good quality skincare product that suits your individual needs, and highlighting the potholes to avoid when navigating the wide world of acne skincare. We all know topical products have a powerful part to play in creating clear, glowy, gorgeous skin so this session is one you won't want to miss.

expert skin therapist
eco makeup artist lesson

BONUS Eco Makeup Artistry Training

with Amy Sumner (me!)

Did you know your makeup products can influence your skin health, not only directly, but also indirectly by disrupting hormones, altering nervous function and contributing to cell toxicity? In this training I'll take you for a tour inside my professional eco makeup artistry kit, teach you about why makeup quality matters, and guide you through the very best natural, eco friendly and cruelty free brands and products. You'll learn how to pick a safe and ethical product and find out all my secret spots for sourcing incredible makeup products. I'll also show you how to apply makeup to cover acne, should you need it, as well as a beauty makeup demo to look fresh and glowy.


BONUS Group Hypnotherapy Session

with hypnotherapist, Melissa Hogan

Did you know that the beliefs and thoughts that reside in your subconscious mind control much of your behaviour in the world, and cannot be rewired through conscious actions alone? Hypnotherapy is one of the most powerful ways to reset toxic thoughts and limiting beliefs that are no longer serving you.

Mel will be guiding you through a powerful group hypnotherapy session, tapping into your subconscious mind to release toxic thought patterns and limiting beliefs around your self worth and beauty. She will then gently guide you through the installation of new, healthy belief patterns to bring out the glow from deep within you. Her special skills will take your acne healing to the next level, helping you to truly believe in yourself, shed those old self doubts and painful beliefs and step into a purposeful, soul driven life full of beauty. If you're ready to leave behind all those dark emotions and damaging self-doubts, this will be an essential step in your course to clarity of body, mind and soul.

hypnotherapy for acne
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